You live in a city, or in an appartment, and you don’t have access to a courtyard nor garden? No problem, there are solutions out there for you, if you wish to compost. And it’s easy!

I told you about « Compost Montreal« , a service that collects compost to your door for 5$CAN a week. Maybe there are similar services in other cities. I would love to know about it. But if you decide to do it at home like I do, you can check this out: composter for your balcony, for a small space. No excuses anymore!

Some models to purchase

Le composteur urbain de Braun / urban composter the Braun Envi:

billet sur Braun Invente la Poubelle à Compost Publique

Ici, les designers parlent de la compostière urbaine de Braun Envi

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