Since few months, I made so many connections and discoveries about the ecological situation, but also about people. People and the planet. And the core problem resides in this « not seeing » what the issues are. It’s like if the desasters, such as the oil spill, is far and of no connection with us. We have to face it: BP is not the only responsible for this, we are. Our model of living is unbearable for the planet, and it is not a choice to face it or not. It’s a fact, even for those of you who deeply deny the problems itself, or our collective responsability in it, even for the scepticals: we all have to face the problems, together. This spill is just a tiny example of what is really happening since 50 years. The tremendus destruction of our ecosystems is ongoing and of a urgent gravity. We need to open our eyes, and stop talking. We have to change. Deeply. Now.

And for me, it’s a incredible wake-up call when I see the result of this survey. At this time, you are 300 people who answered. And 91% think there is no problem, all is going well, there is no ecological crisis. And part of this problem is individuals, goverment, corporations and media don’t see it. Or partly look at it. Too big. Not possible. Too scary. Too depressing.

How can you be touched? How will it be possible to face reality and change? Do you need the sky to be gray, the birds falling, the oceans turning red or black? Oh, sorry, I’m going too far. It’s not the way of change, by scaring people. But, at least, can you be realistic?